The Basilica’s organ

Organ of St. Stephen's Basilica
The organ of St. Stephen's Basilica was made by organ builder Jozsef Angster and son. József Angster (1834-1918), the founder of the campany, Studied for three years at the Cavaillé-Col organ builder, in Paris and designed and made organs based on his principles.
The 450 opus instrument, made in 1905, had three manuals with 65 stops and a pneumatic tract.
The organ house was designed by the firniture factory of Endre Thék according to the plans of József Kauser. In 1932, Angster also expanded the organ to four manuals with 76 stops, with an electro-pneumatic tractor.
In 1938, the Rieger Organ Factory made a new palying console, transformed the windboxes into a cone system and expanded the number of stops to 79.
The complete restoration of the great organ began in 1993 by organ builder Váradi and Son, in Budapest. 

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