St. Stephen 's Basilica, the world's top ten most photographed buildings

Many of us feel compelled to record it all means the Empire State Building views , when they act in New York. Almost no one leaves Paris for the first time so that images are not captured in the Eiffel Tower . Many tourists so is in front of St. Stephen's Basilica in Budapest.

As a result, the largest church in Budapest included a very upscale társasságba . Google's photo sharing application based on the Sightmaps assembled the world's most photographed locations . The most common places to get hold of the Basilica of clinching the prestigious 10th place , while - surprisingly - no one has to rank top London attractions.


The Sightsmap were established by an Estonian computing professor in 2012, according to Google Maps. The interactive site maps helps travelers to find a particular area of the most popular sights , such as the 1000 most photographed place in a given country . Google's Panoramio picture sharing the data from the Sighstmap heat map also shows how popular a building or attraction. The application allows you to place the names of their makers betaggelt photos loaded from Google Maps , so he searches for a famous destination quickly find these pictures. The yellow dots show the photos with geographic tags most locations , followed by the orange , pink and purple markings. This allows a very easy to choose the most popular cities, tourist resorts or attractions . Users can also zoom in into your map , so you can make informed within a city, what to visit . Sure can search for any city on the basis of direct name .

Source: BonumTV

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